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Healthy Helpings

Who are we? Hello, my name is Ashley. I am one of the founders of this organization Healthy Helpings. We started in April 2017 after I took my coworkers from El Dorado Hills down to Sacramento to pass out sack lunches. After seeing the immense gratitude coming from these people I knew I could do more. My friend Jessica Murphy and I have set up a dinner project every Wednesday night at 6:30pm passing out hot meals, clothing, water and toiletries to those in need. We have created this page to reach out to anyone, near and far, who wants to support the movement. I will be posting a lengthy explanation of the crimes against the homeless that are being committed by our city. No right to rest, no public restrooms, water shut off. These are ways that the HUMAN BEINGS in our community are being discriminated against and we are hoping to help. Even if it is only for one meal, once a week. Please feel free to share this page and invite your friends. Together we can help make Sacramento a little bit brighter!