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Content Concierge - Local Marketing Content as a Service

Compelling content is the backbone of local marketing and sometimes you'd like a little extra help
We Turn Your Passion Into Gold with Well-Written, Search and Social Media Optimized Content About Your Business and Business-Interests.
Locable's Content Concierge service helps you put your best foot forward and tell your unique story on an ongoing basis!

If you find yourself like a lot of business owners who don't want to have to do all of the marketing themselves then you're in luck!

Whether you'd like to have one of our editors review your efforts and add some polish or do the heavy lifting of turning your pictures and insights from recent projects, clients or activities into compelling search optimized content.

We can help you improve your marketing with just 10-15 minutes of your time per post - we'll even send you reminders to make sure we 'bug' you effectively.

Get up to 2 optimized "blog posts" per month starting just $249/month*

In addition to content, we'll share it to your Facebook page and send a monthly email newsletter to your subscribers.

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How does the Content Concierge Service work?

Glad you asked.

High quality, relevant, authentic content is critical but your content needs to be all three to be truly effective.

For that reason, we don't create "industry-specific" content for you. We create content specifically about your business... and your business interests. At the outset, we'll work with you to create a content plan to reach your goals and then we'll execute.

First, our writers will contact you (your owner, manager, whoever is "in the know") with a handful of questions about your recent business activities such as recent projects, recent customer interactions, recent nonprofits you've supported.

Next, you'll reply with a few bullet points or short notes along with a key takeaway. Ideally, you can send over a picture or two.

Finally, we create and publish an optimized post to your website. We share it to your Facebook page and, if you have an email newsletter, we'll send a monthly newsletter for you with the content included.

That's how we get real information about your business with minimal input from you.

Interested in Content Concierge for your Main Street, Downtown, Chamber, Shopping Center or other membership organization?


The overall process is similar to what's described above however we focus on writing profile articles aka Merchant Spotlights. We can also help promote events - recapping past events and previewing upcoming to deliver ongoing amplification of your activities.

Plans start at $249/mo* and include up to 2 profile articles as well as the related merchant outreach and engagement, optimization, promotion to Facebook and email etc.

You can learn more about our approach and how we helped Historic Folsom rank consistently on the 1st page of Google

Do you enjoy writing but would like our editors and marketing experts to review your work or handle posting and optimizing it for you?

We can help you optimize your content for search engines, social media, and your Local Connections. A Customer Success Manager will review your site each month, optimize your existing content and present recommendations for improvement.

Starting at just $124.99/mo - contact us to learn more

* Requires a Locable powered website or microsite. Communication and interviews conducted via email. Phone interviews are available for an additional fee due to additional time requirements.