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Marketing Missions - A Guided Approach to Local Marketing

Local marketing ideas (simple activities) and quickly build your own local marketing plan. Promote and grow your business painlessly.

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*Buzz is our Virtual Marketing Assistant / local marketing superhero / panda-squirrel mascot

Start Marketing Your Business

Build your local marketing plan with Marketing Missions™... your marketing cookbook.

Combine proven-yet-simple local marketing activities from Marketing 3-4-5™ with an easy-to-use task management tool that's great for individuals and teams.

We wrote the Local Lovin' Book on Marketing

Simplify marketing into 15-minute activities that help you get found - everywhere!

Find Missions

Includes general-purpose and industry-specific prebuilt local Marketing Missions by experts

Follow Instructions

Get step-by-step instructions, an overview of the marketing benefits and success tips

Assign & Collaborate

Assign Missions to your team, mission specific comments are built in, then track their progress

Or, Create Your Own

Create your own Missions for marketing, administrative work and more
Marketing Missions Provide Recommendations, Guidance and Reminders

The number 1 thing we hear from businesses is that they need help knowing what to do and how to do it when it comes to local marketing.

We've created Marketing Missions™ and Buzz, our virtual marketing assistant, to simplify local marketing (zero creativity or marketing experience necessary).

  1. Browse our growing library of local marketing ideas aka Marketing Missions,
  2. Build your local marketing plan by activating the missions that help you reach your specific goal
  3. (optional) assign missions to your team & communicate using built-in commenting & chat tools
  4. Follow the steps provided to complete the mission
  5. Track your progress to ensure your following your plan
You'll never be left wondering what to do again and marketing will become fun, easy and effective... all for free! 🚀
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Do you have volunteers helping you?

Would you like to simply be able to add a new volunteer, assign them their predecessors responsibilities and then immediately be able to see what they did and when, how they did it, and any additional notes they had?

Volunteer turnover is one of the major challenges facing nonprofits, when a volunteer leaves so does their knowledge and expertise. It doesn't have to be that way!

Make onboarding new volunteers faster and easier while helping them make a bigger

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