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Sales Assistant & Sales Development Representative (SDR)

Locable is looking for a Sales Development Representative (SDR) to join our growing team!  

What’s this all about?

Locable is a software-as-a-service (SAAS) company looking for our next great team member as we empower community organizations such as Chambers of Commerce, Main Street Associations, and Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) as well as the local businesses and nonprofits they represent to #TakeBackLocal.

Are you passionate about helping communities and businesses, are you driven and do you have follow-through? 

We’re seeking a Sales Assistant & Sales Development Representative (SDR) who will be responsible for driving sales appointments and following-up with prospects after the demo's have been completed in conjunction with our CEO.

We get a steady stream of inbound interest and use email sequences and live events (conferences, workshops, etc) to generate demand.

This is a unique role that combines inside sales activities with sales enablement (primarily email sequences) to grow our network of community partners and activate the nearly 200 communities we already have a presence.

We now have more opportunities then we can consistently pursue, that's where you come in.

The ideal candidate should be very personable online and offline, have clear written and verbal communication skills, and appreciate the value small businesses bring to their community. An appreciation for small-town living and the value of community is critical. 

A can-do attitude and unrelenting follow-through are the most critical skills you must possess - if you say you’ll do something (follow up, send information, get an answer) you will do it. Put another way, you must be pleasantly persistent.

Your compensation will include a modest base salary and a healthy commission plan that will be tied to personal accomplishment and overall company growth - we estimate an effective SDR will earn between $60k-80k in the first year.

Advancement is possible either as a pure closer or into a sales management position as we grow our sales department. 

What will I do all day?

You’ll engage directly with leads and prospects to schedule demos and then follow up after the demo to help answer questions and move them toward a decision: local businesses, nonprofits, and community organizations such as Chambers of Commerce and Main Street Associations.

This is a classic solutions approach with a focus on showing people how our software and solutions solve their problems and bring sanity and simplify to their actual lives.

Secondarily, you will be tasked with helping improve our sales process to accelerate growth and work with our Customer Success Team to motivate our community partners to deliver referrals. Our customers can become our partners and we need your help to inch them along.

We can train you to do everything we need to do but you must be responsible and reliable, we need the right person. To fit in here, you have to embrace the cliche of doing well by doing good.

What we’re looking for:

  • You’re a resourceful problem solver who likes to learn new things continuously

  • Experience working with people in person or remotely

  • You’re comfortable with or happy to learn technology to make your life easier through automation, scheduling, ChatGPT, and the like

  • You’re a clear and concise writer - and, probably, a fan of Grammarly

  • You’re an empathetic communicator, a team player, and have unparalleled persistence and follow-through

What you’ll get:

  • A laptop

  • Unlimited paid vacation; take a vacation, go camping, whatever

  • 10 paid company holidays, plus your birthday off

  • Work from home / anywhere with flexible hours

  • Work with an awesome (and modest) team of smart and fun people

About Locable

Local Marketing empowers Small to Mid-Sized Community Orgs to simplify marketing and automate Cross-Promotion primarily through 15-minute activities - our most popular feature is our self-updating community calendar… we’re the only option that combines simple-to-use marketing tools with the ability to cross-promote. 

We support local communities, businesses, nonprofits, publishers, civic organizations and the people who call ‘here’ home, wherever here is.

At a time when nearly every tech company, startup, and big box store is working against local, Locable provides software and training to help local businesses leverage their two unfair advantages: their authenticity and relationships… put another way, we’re creating Main Street for the 21st Century™ and helping them #TakeBackLocal.

Locable is committed to making sure local businesses survive and thrive in the constantly changing media landscape.

Here is a list of qualities we seek in our team members. Think you might be a great fit? If most of these describe you then we definitely want to talk!

  • Ownership Mindset: Be problem solvers and strive to work more effectively and efficiently. Be entrepreneurial by nature, risk-taking yet thoughtful

  • Team player: Pick up the slack, support one another, jump in and do what it takes for the team and customers

  • Adaptable: Switch gears when it’s in the best interest of the team or project. Don’t be afraid of change. Wear many hats and be willing to change hats as needed

  • Honest: Hey, don’t be a liar or cover things up! If there’s a problem, let’s deal with it

  • Integrity: Take responsibility and be accountable even when no one is looking

  • Open-minded: Be willing to take responsibility for their actions and accept feedback. Look at solutions from other angles and be willing to listen.

  • Curious: Intuitive, natural learner, willing to try new things, ask questions

  • Hard-working: Don’t be afraid to jump in. Dig deep and do the right thing

  • Polite: Say please and thank you! Be kind

  • Positive & Optimistic: Approach tasks head-on in an uplifting, energetic way (no Debbie Downers!)

  • Friendly & Outgoing: Welcoming, social, willing to share and collaborate, be open, supportive, engage with team and customers (No bullies!)

  • Collaborative: Work together effectively, share ideas, support each other in our efforts, partner and look for solutions

  • Compassionate: Care about teammates, our clients, and their business, be empathetic and understanding

  • Fun: Balance serious work with an appreciation of emojis, funny t-shirts and memes, and coffee (or Red Bull) 

  • Analytical: Interested in how things work, willing to look at and apply the data

  • Hustle: Embody a “can-do” spirit

  • Resilient: Fighter, ability to bounce back and excel, roll with the punches, fail forward

  • Flexible: Able to do yoga...bend, stretch your thinking, adapt. 

  • Have Grit: Don’t give up easily. Don’t be a quitter

  • Humble: No egos. Put the team first  

  • Courageous: Face your fears, be brave

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