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Wonder What Building a Simple Accounting Website in 7 Minutes Looks Like?

in Marketing Fundamentals, Web Design

Building a website sounds like a time-consuming and tricky technical undertaking however if you're a local business it can be done on a coffee break.

Here you can see me build a website for a local accounting service provider in under 7-minutes. I probably could have done it more quickly if I looked at the images available prior to starting.

It's always fun to create a free example site for potential IMPACT clients so from time to time we record the process to show how easy it truly is to create a marketing website for a local business. As of the recording of this video, Simple Accounting is not a client and this was created for demonstration purposes only.

Learn more about Locable's Marketing Platform and related services and how it can help your local business

Please note: we do not try to create a complete website with many pages as that's a matter of creating content which is beyond the scope of this example. Adding pages is, however, incredibly easy following the same framework you see in the video and if you're curious about what type of pages you may want to include here are a few Core and Common pages for local businesses.

Not sure what's right for you, ask us and we're happy to help.

Core Pages

  • Homepage
  • About Page 
  • Contact Page 
  • Core Offering Page

Common Pages 

  • Business Lines 
  • Product and Services Detail pages 
  • Community involvement 
  • Blog Content 
  • Customer Reviews 
  • Service Areas / Locations 
  • Leadership / Team Bios 
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