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The Single Best Activity to Grow Ecommerce Revenue for Small Businesses - hint: It's Content 🤑

in Marketing Fundamentals

Content is the single biggest driver of local marketing online

We've recently posted about how creating content aka blogging can be easy (with video) and how to properly post and distribute that content (with video) to grow social media engagement, website traffic, rank on Google etc.

Search Engine Journal outlined 6 important reasons ecommerce sites need blogs to spur growth. Most notably, blogs:

A study Research Now Group explored how content - blogs - influences purchase behavior and found that the content was useful for informing and driving purchase decisions across different industries and in different situations (see graphic above).

Creating content is one thing, how you use it is another.

It's true that most people don't get excited to find the blog on a website they're visiting However, if you can surface relevant content from the blog things change completely.

In the example above from our website, we include blog posts about creating a better website on our Professional Assistance Website Service page. It provides real-world insights and examples of how we approach things for people considering our services.

Of course, our blog content also gets shared to Facebook, Twitter, our email newsletter and through Local Connections.

Use your blog to highlight products while putting your own twist on things and build buyer preference and loyalty.

  • What pairs well together?
  • What's a little known use for something?
  • Does the product have an attribute (weight, softness, color, smell) that might not be immediately obvious?

Ready to add a blog to your ecommerce or small business website?

Contact us to learn how Locable's web platform simplifies local marketing

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