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Is Your Community Visitor Friendly? Simple Tips to Get RV'ers to Stop & Spend Money

Last Updated 12/16/2021Posted in Marketing Fundamentals, Content Marketing

The first step in getting more travelers and RVers to visit your community is easier than you think

We're now 2-weeks into our Marketing 3-4-5™ Nationwide Tour and, as I write this, we're in Missouri.

If you do the math, this means we've traveled from California through NV, UT, WY, CO, and KS in just 14 days and while we've visited a number of communities we have wanted to visit many more while traveling between stops... and we have the Instagram Page to prove it.

The trick is that our truck and trailer are quite long, a bit wide and fairly tall.

We have serious concerns about our RV fitting down Main Streets

So, if we're not comfortable taking our full setup down a Main Street an alternative is to park the trailer in the vicinity and unhook the truck to spend a couple hours in a town.

Except, where is a safe and accessible place to leave our trailer?

As a Main Street, Chamber or Visitor's Bureau, you have an opportunity to attract passers-by - and their money - to your community simply by making them feel more comfortable in terms of how their oversized travel arrangements can navigate your community.

Why We Didn't Stop 😥

There was one community in CO that we very much wanted to visit midway between our stopping points so we called the Main Street, Chamber, and Visitor's Bureau because we couldn't find relevant information online.

The only real suggestion we received was from a person at the Visitor's Bureau who suggested we park our trailer at a highway rest stop.

Here's the thing, the trailer is our home and the idea of leaving it at a rest stop in an unfamiliar place didn't feel safe. More than that, stopping is different than unhooking and it wasn't clear if our trailer may be towed while we were gone.

Ultimately we decided we couldn't risk the options we were presented and chose to forgo visiting a community on our list.

Simply create a page on your website with RV friendly routes and parking options.

Making this information accessible on your website will encourage more travelers to visit your town, perhaps for the first time, and patronize your merchants.

Moreover, you may find yourself ranking on Google for RV-related searches because you're now featuring this relevant local content.

Until we were on this side of RV-life we never would have thought about a concern like this however now that we're here how we fit traveling down the road is one of the more prominent considerations we have.

Fortunately, the first step in attracting more RVers to your town is a pretty simple one.

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