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Promote Your Organization and Your Members - Automatically!

Would you like a community calendar that is always current? Want your events and marketing activities to reach more people (for free)? Want to empower local businesses to be better marketers? We can help!

Leverage Local Connections™ to automate populating events in your community calendar, the promotion of your member's marketing activities, highlight local job openings or volunteer opportunities and more.

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"Your presence has made a positive impact in our state's program" - Michael Wagler, Main Street Iowa State Coordinator

Are you involved with a Main Street, Downtown Association or Chamber of Commerce and wonder, "How can we promote our community and members more effectively with limited staff time and budget?"

Does managing your membership ever feel like herding cats? Does coordinating promotional activities drive you to tears? Do you struggle to attract new members?

Locable is “like a community’s own social network.” - Lindsay Henderson, Vitality Director Webster City Iowa

Focus on Relationships and Let Technology do the Heavy Lifting to Promote Your Community

  • Leverage technology to automate adding events to your calendar, business information to your directory, jobs and volunteer opportunities to their respective boards
  • Recognize that your members can, and often want to, amplify your efforts in a meaningful way (it's free and automated)
  • Collaborate with other local organizations to promote events, activities, and local impact
  • Remember locals need to see information many times and visitors (tourists) may not know where to look - make it easy to find information across local websites just like they see flyers in merchant window in the real-world
  • You are not alone - Community is what makes 'here' special and your community cares, show them how you impact their lives, give them a way to participate, and celebrate the small steps along the way.

The world is changing but the importance of community isn't going away, now is the time to build your organization and support your members.

Chambers of Commerce

Increase the value of membership to attract and retain more members

Easily post and spread the word about Chamber events through your network

Create new advertising revenue opportunities on your site

Main Street & Downtown Associations

Make your website more of a destination to drive more foot traffic without any extra effort

Easily show off members on your site and always have their most up-to-date information

Vistors Bureaus

Increase tourism and provide more value to visitors

Spread the word about special events and help local businesses participate

Increase the value of membership and participation by delivering new value

It's free for all to participate and, because we provide easy-to-use tools that local businesses and nonprofits can use directly on their own websites, it's easy to increase participation. After all, with Locable small businesses distribute their content automatically simply by updating their own website!

So, stop chasing content, simply promote it on your website. It's like a digital version of the bulletin board you see at a coffee shop or a storefront window on Main Street.

Our tools can be added to supplement the existing content on your website, you can use our tools to upgrade your website, or you can launch a microsite specifically for community-sourced content. The choice is yours.

Plus, our tools include free marketing guidance and assistance including our transformational Marketing 3-4-5™ Training Program and In-Person Workshops. Free features include Marketing Missions™ which literally makes marketing recommendations based on their goals and then shows them how to do it while our platform includes most of the tools they'll need to be effective.

Get a mobile-optimized, always modern website for your organization for Free!!!
Requires a launch program of $1500 or more and the Grow or Collaborate plan; Up to 12 custom pages included. Additional discounts are available for very small communities.

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Ways Locable Can Help Your Community Organization

Whether you're looking for simple and free DIY tools, one-time help setting things up or you're ready to take your marketing to the next level. We can help!

All community organizations should be producing content to spotlight their members, make discovering upcoming events fast and easy, highlight past events and activities with galleries and writeups, curate member content to share and promote it, and more. Our marketing platform and related services makes all of this easier and more affordable.

Countless Possibilities


Learn how your community can become a Locable community

Reinforce your relationships, drive new members, increase distribution & reach, and work more effectively with your members to develop your local economy!

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Completely Free

Do-it-Yourself Local Connections cross-promotion and related marketing tools for you and your members

Professional Setup & Integration Services

We can handle setting up our tools on your website or launching a parallel microsite as well as working with you to onboard your members

Community Marketing Concierge

We offer specialized Content Marketing services to community organizations to deliver more value to members, grow your brand, and increase community awareness and engagement.

Learn more about bringin Locable's 2019 Nationwide Main Street Tour to your community

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Does your community embrace collaboration?

Learn More about how you can go even further by spearheading a coordinated community-wide initiative to unify your community and automate marketing collaboration and cross-promotion online.