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Attract Your Perfect Customer by Talking About Existing Customers - Content Marketing Takeaway from Marketing 3-4-5™ Workshop in Greenfield, IN

During our Marketing 3-4-5™ Workshops we get to teach local business owners how to become more effective at marketing without becoming experts at marketing. We also get to learn from our interactions with them.

After our workshop with Greenfield Main Street in Indiana at Lizabuth Ann's Kitchen in the Riley Museum, I got to talk with a photographer who had attended. She was sharing how her business was growing but what she really wanted was a few more clients like one that she has worked with for years.

Don't be afraid to ask for what you want

This "ideal client" generated something like $10k each year in work for the photographer. This is high-margin, high-value work that is a win-win for all involved.

Is it possible this big-ticket client that she has is the only one that exists or could she find more like them?

Recognize and replicate clients by creating blog posts to profile your clients

What a great way to show your appreciation for your clients - tell their story and explain how you were able to provide them with value.

This may sound daunting but you can do this by answering a few simple questions, you'll want to customize these photography questions to better fit your industry:

  • Why do you invest in photography?
  • What were you looking for when we started working together?
  • What has your experience been like?
  • What has surprised you about it?
  • What's a benefit that you've received?
  • What would you say to someone else considering investing in photography?

A surprisingly simple way to reach more of your "Ideal Clients"

When you create a post like this and share it using our simple Marketing 3-4-5™ Content Distribution method, you're able to reach a lot more like-minded people.

Not only may you reach your Ideal Client via social media, email or Google through an existing connection but your profiled client will surely share this post with their friends, family, and acquaintances.

Who else is more likely to be in the market - or could be enticed to be in the market - for these services than people who they choose to engage with?

When you do this consistently, you will find your referrals will improve both in quality and quantity.

Ready to add a "blog" to your website or upgrade your website with powerful local marketing tools?

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