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Marketing Minutes Episode 4: The Importance of Engagement in Social Media (Video)

An engaged audience is powerful, an engaged audience

In what may be the most obvious recommendation yet, we explore the consequences of "buying fans" on social media such as Facebook.

As with many things, the importance of engagement can't be overestimated and it has a real impact across social media.

In our first Marketing Minutes Episode 1, we looked at the difference between Facebook Profiles and Pages and in Episode 2 we talk about the role and importance of a blog on a small business website. In Episode 3, we compared the value and use of social media to email marketing.

Video Transcript

Brian: Hey Brian here. Chance to sit down with my wife again, Shanno,n talking about marketing minutes for local marketers.

Shannon: So, I ask questions that I find people ask me or ask him or things I just think we want to know.

Brian: That need to asking.

Shannon: Questions that need asking, yeah. Okay, so let's say I have a business and I have a Facebook page and I don't seem to have a lot of likes or comments, engagement per se. I'm contemplating purchasing or buying likes or comments. Yes or no?

Brian: I love buying friends. It's how you know they're authentic. No, of course, the answer's no.

Some people do it from and ego perspective, it'll hurt you with Facebook in the long run. In fact, in the short run because their algorithm will detect it show lack of engagement which means then the people who do actually like you won't see it either probably.

So, no it's important to note that as a local business or a small business not everyone is going to have a huge Facebook following or even much engagement. Facebook and social media in general is an entertainment medium... is your business entertaining?

If the answer is no you still should be there because when I'm looking for a plumber or a lawyer, which aren't really entertaining, I may go and do background you know get to know them better through their Facebook page. I'm not going to find them or follow them per se if I'm a restaurant, if I'm a health and beauty, if I'm a boutique, that's a form of entertainment so you'll see that playout better but you know just be authentic.

It's a good place to share your content. When people are ready to find it, if you do a good job, they'll find it.

Shannon: Okay, so, yes you should have a Facebook page again, however, don't purchase your friends. It doesn't look good and it doesn't create authentic relationships which will then create authentic engagement.

Brian: And customers.

Shannon: And customers. Which is what the end goal is if you are in business you need more customers.

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