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More Ways to Collect and Promote Customer Reviews with Your Locable account

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Locable users have benefited from our Customer Reviews Generation feature for years and now we're proud to share an update about an oft-requested feature.

Customers can now leave you a review without you having to invite them.

Every Locable website has a new leave-a-review page at /reviews/request where customers can initiate the process.

Likewise, every Locable listing also has a comparable page for non-website accounts.

When a customer adds their name and email address, an email is sent to them asking them to rate their experience from 1-10, based on their rating they will then be taken to a form either to write a review or to provide private feedback.

This process of rating then leaving a review or feedback is exactly the same as when you request a review from them now

Your contact database will be updated as customers do this - their existing contact record will show the new activity or, if they're not a contact already, they will be added.

Ways to use this new page to collect reviews

Sending reviews requests is always going to be a great way to collect customer reviews but there are some useful ways to leverage this new feature

  • Share the URL to Facebook and other social media channels
  • Include the URL in your email newsletter 
  • Add the URL to invoices or billing statements
  • Print out a flyer with the URL (maybe a QR code) to add to your window, checkout, menu, etc

It's always best to let customers know that reviews are important then ask them if they'd be willing to spend a minute or two to leave you a 5-star review if their experience warrants it.

Ready to collect more customers reviews and get more referrals?

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