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Announcing Membership Management for chambers, Main Streets, and business associations to streamline billing & communications

We've been working with Chambers and Main Streets for years to simplify their marketing and save their generally lean staff a tremendous amount of time.

Late in 2021, we started on what would become our Membership Management module to handle tracking memberships, handle online billing (while supporting offline billing and in-kind trade membership deals), while still bringing Locable's simple-first approach.

Today we are excited to announce that Membership Management is available as a benefit of our Coordinate Plan.

Membership Management enhances our integrated CRM and pairs well with our Event Registration & Distribution features, Local Connections™ tools to automate cross-promotion including our Self-Updating DirectorySelf-Updating Calendar, and Self-Updating Job Board.

Our Sponsor recognition tools along with our Call-to-Action tools enable you to highlight internal programs and membership drives as well as display ads throughout your website - whether you have a website powered by Locable or any other platform.

Finally, Locable's Express Email Newsletter feature means you don't need a 3rd party email tool and can manage all of your marketing in one place, quickly - we mean to save you hours each and every week.

Catch the recorded 28-minute our Membership Management webinar or request a 1-on-1 below.

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Simplify both marketing and membership administration - including billing - save time, save money.

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