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It's National Indoor air quality month

Indoor air quality

October is the perfect time of year to do a maintenance check on your HVAC system and to take into consideration the quality of air you are breathing within your home. Pollution may seem like it only exists outside, but the vast majority of our exposure to outdoor air pollutions actually occurs indoors.  Summer is over and the weather will be getting colder. Most people spend more time indoors during the winter months and we want the air you are breathing to be as clean as possible. Indoor air quality systems can help tremendously to catch the smaller particles that make it past your filters. If you aren’t sure what IAQ (indoor air quality) system is right for you, give us a call and we will help get you set up and start breathing easier. This month (October) we are offering a $150 discount on our installations of  Accu-clean and NuShield products.

Stay Warm This Winter

Smit's is available to keep your home warm with residential repair, maintenance, and installation.

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