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Locable Community Grant Program

If you're looking to grow your impact but need a hand, our grant program may be the answer

Enabling local businesses and communities, in general, to be more sustainable is a key motivation at Locable.

With the recent crisis, the need for an effective marketing strategy and digital presence is all the more apparent. Our programs ensure businesses effectively communicate and enables communities to support their merchants today, during re-opening, and into the future.

To this end, we're introducing the Locable Community Grant Program. Our hope is to make this a recurring activity to equip worthy small businesses and communities to succeed where they otherwise may not be able.

Our application process is simple for each of the grant options to make it accessible to everyone, don't worry about word count. Our hope is that your authentic need and goals come through.

Apply to the program that's right for your organization

2020 Grants have been awarded

Keep an eye out for the 2021 grant announcement

Local Businesses

Website, Marketing Tools & Ecommerce + $500 Cash

As a small business, your website is the cornerstone of your online presence and needs to be effective. Now, you also need to be able to sell online.

We know websites have not always been affordable, easy to implement, or effective. We want to help you get online or improve an outdated website.

We're giving 1 business a free website, our Build plan and $500 cash

In the form below... tell us about your business, how the COVID crisis has affected your business, and why you deserve/need to get:

  • $500 cash* to promote your business
*Technically, we'll send it via Paypal after your new website goes live and while we hope you'll use it to promote your business the choice is yours. Winner must provide domain, available for $12 from Google Domains.

Community Organizations

Community Launch Plan & Website - Free

As a Main Street Associations, Chambers etc. focused on community, your website is an opportunity to help attract visitors and equip your merchants to put their best foot forward.

Our community cross-promotional tools and programs, featuring our exclusive self-updating Community Calendar, is the perfect solution - they can be used with an existing website or we can give you a new one. The choice is yours.

We're giving 3 communities our Community Launch program and a discount on Mercantile™

In the form below... tell us about your community, how the COVID crisis has affected your merchants, and why you deserve/need to get:

  • The $2700 setup fee for our Community Launch program waived*. Includes a website upgrade for your organization, automated local cross-promotion and marketing tools/support, and a discount option to add Mercantile™
*Winning communities pay just the $700 annual technology & support plan fee and can optionally add Mercantile™ and the Coordinate plan for just $500.

For these grants, we are specifically looking to support businesses and communities impacted by the COVID-19 crisis with a particular preference for smaller and/or more rural communities. However, explain why you should be selected as all are eligible. Note, very small communities are also - now - eligible for special pricing on our paid programs.

Void where prohibited.