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Locable vs GrowthZone / ChamberMaster

Managing membership and recurring payments for smaller communities and organizations is quicker, more affordable, and less expensive with Locable starting at just $109/mo*.
*when paid annually

GrowthZone / ChamberMaster is the industry leader in membership management, they've been delivering value for decades and their large organization membership tools are unmatched.

Locable is an alternative to GrowthZone / ChamberMaster focused on smaller communities and organizations that need core features at an affordable price with truly integrated marketing and time-savings woven throughout. Explore Locable's software and solutions for small to mid-sized chambers >>

3 Reasons to Choose Locable over GrowthZone / ChamberMaster


Simplify the experience for your small team and your members: While ChamberMaster enables large membership organizations to use advanced features and reporting, Locable is designed for smaller teams that need simplicity, speed, and streamlined integrated marketing. You get the invoicing and payment processing abilities you need to eliminate chasing renewals minus the unnecessary extras. Save 5+ hours per week and cut costs by 2/3rds or more.

"I save a minimum of 10-15 hours per week using the Locable system." Jayme Chapin, GoAugusta! Read the full case study here >>


Integrated Marketing for You and Your Members: Locable simplifies marketing so you and your members can be effective in 15-minutes or less. You're not limited to upgraded directory listings or ads on your site, with Locable you and your members get tools to improve marketing on their website, Google Business Profile, and more following our proprietary Marketing 3-4-5™ approach.


Automation & Cross-Promotion: Automatically share and showcase member content, events, job openings, or business information on your website such as your self-updating Community Calendar and quickly distribute it via email or share to social media (with links back to YOUR website). Members benefit from increased exposure and reach without having to actively collaborate - or participate in networking events - for better visibility and growth.

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When to Choose ChamberMaster / GrowthZone

We both provide membership, management and recurring billing, event, promotion and registration, the ability to display ads on your website, along with a member Directory and calendar, a form builder, and the ability to send email newsletters. Albeit, our approaches vary dramatically.

ChamberMaster / GrowthZone is a better option for Membership Management when you need:

  • advanced project management capabilities
  • your own mobile app (hint: you never need a mobile app)
  • a completely configurable reporting engine (vs reports that just work)
  • the ability to track continuing education
  • advanced sales pipeline management features

In the event that this describes you, Locable's marketing features can be used alongside ChamberMaster / Growthzone to grow your impact and simplify marketing.

How do we process payments?

As a Stripe Partner, all payment transactions use Stripe's leading technology. All transactions including paid event registration, vendor registration, donations, membership payments, e-commerce incur Stripe's merchant fees and $0 from Locable - keep more of what's yours!

What about support?

Locable provides fantastic support for all users however accounts on our Coordinate Plans enjoy our Unlimited Support Guarantee - you'll never pay to get unstuck.

Need implementation support?

We offer a number of implementation programs to essentially eliminate all work related to implementing Locable. You simply provide your membership, donor, and/or subscriber information via Excel or Google Sheets and we handle the rest of the setup.