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Creating a More Engaged Citizens by Improving Access to Local Event, Job, and Business Information

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We've begun working with Chambers, Main Street and Downtown Associations on our Community-Wide Initiative they've in-turn introduced us to their local partners which includes city governments.

As a result, we've started talking with City Planners and City Council-members recently and have heard a common refrain...

We want to create an environment where our citizens are more engaged

This week we exhibited at the RevTechX Conference at CalExpo in Sacramento, some of the people we met shared this isn't just an American issue but one that affects nearly every community.

The challenge is that discovering and distributing local information is still incredibly difficult.

This is why the calendar on your city government website is shockingly lacking events and why community job boards are inaccurately vacant. Rarely do you even see an attempt being made to highlight local volunteer opportunities despite the fact that dozens of opportunities exist in their jurisdiction.

The problem isn't that organizations are failing to promote themselves and their interests (although clearly many fail to), the problem is one of distribution and aggregation.

This is where our Local ConnectionsTM technology is transformative. It allows an organization to simply update their own website and their information becomes available to others who'd like to feature it and it's a two-way-street.

When locals and visitors can find relevant information on the websites they visit regularly and in the course of their day-to-day lives then the citizens will be in a position to become more engaged.

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