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Building Community on Main Street with the Placerville Downtown Association

in Platform And Feature Updates, Placerville

It's an exciting time at Locable.

A few weeks ago we launched a new website for the Placerville Downtown Association (PDA) - they're the merchant association that serves Placerville's Main Street.

While the website itself is an upgrade that brings a number of modern improvements for visitors and streamlines the administration of the website it's the collaborative tools that are the most exciting.

Thanks to our free Local Connections™ tools that enable any business or nonprofit to "follow and promote" others, PDA can automatically promote their merchants activities.

A merchant can post an event to a calendar on their own website and it can appear on the PDA calendar. Likewise, they can add a coupon or offer, job or volunteer opportunity and more to their website and it appears on the PDA website.

Not only can the PDA promote its members but they can reciprocate. In fact, they can promote any organizations they'd like to follow - just like following on a social network.

El Dorado Law's community calendar immediately displays the PDAs events as soon as PDA posts them to the PDA website calendar.

PDA also collaborates with other local organizations such as the El Dorado Winery Association, Apple Hill Growers, El Dorado County Chamber and others.

Now, collaborating within an organization and with other organizations is fast, easy and automated

As more businesses, nonprofits and organizations tap into their Local Connections more local information will be accessible to locals and visitors to find things to do, businesses to shop, nonprofits to support, and ways to get involved with the community.

Just last night we were able to work with an initial group of merchants at Town Hall to help them setup their accounts, participate in the online community, and improve their marketing.

As they updated their business information, added logos, and - ultimately - start posting content the PDA website will stay current every step of the way. The Directory reflected all of the changes each business made in real-time.

Local communities have always thrived when people work together, when local networks are strong and supportive, and when people Shop Local. We're excited to help usher in Main Street for the 21st Century™.

Every local business, nonprofit or civic organization can participate for free to tap into their Local Connections.

Create your free account now


Merchant Associations, Chambers, and other Civic Organizations should contact us to learn about our Community-Wide Initiatives to activate your community

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