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17 Sacramento Area Property and Business Improvement Districts

Last Updated 12/23/2023

Earlier in the year, we published a guide to Main Street's and Downtowns in the Sacramento-region to help locals and visitors find more great places to explore. Here, we wanted to introduce Sacramento-area Business Improvement Districts (BID).

If you're not familiar, a BID is a region where the businesses or property owners pay a tax to fund projects and general improvements to strengthen the community for mutual benefit.

Our company tagline is "Main Street for the 21st Century" which means we exist to support the companies and nonprofits that are integral to their communities with our Local Connection technology and educational materials.

Get out and explore the great business districts and communities that we have around us in the Sacramento-region.

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Del Paso Boulevard

The Del Paso Boulevard Partnership (PBID) serves as a steward of this unique business corridor by improving its image, cleanliness, and safety, representing and assisting its business and property owners and promoting and marketing Del Paso Boulevard.

Excerpt from Del Paso Blvd Partnership Facebook Page

Downtown Sacramento Partnership

Downtown Sacramento is not just a destination, but an experience. This is a place where incredible people achieve incredible feats. Where their aspirations soar above all others. This is a place where Dreamers are Welcome. Join us, a group of dreamers, who once had an idea of opening up a small business, and are making those dreams a reality in Downtown Sacramento. We are building a community.

The 6-block Old Sacramento Waterfront district is home to Sacramento’s top museums including the California History Museum and California State Railroad Museum attracting more than 4.3 million visitors annually.

Excerpt from the Downtown Sacramento Partnership website.

Florin Road Partnership

The Florin Road Partnership Property & Business Improvement District (FRP PBID) provides leadership service and programs to improve the image and economic vitality of the Florin Road Business District.

Founded in 1997, FRP is proud to be the oldest all business corridor in the State of California, and one of the first PBIDs in the Sacramento region.

This is why we say: #WeAreFlorin

Excerpt from Florin Road Partnership Facebook Page

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Franklin Boulevard Business Association

The Franklin Boulevard Business District (FBBD) is a collaborative effort of property and business owners, located in both the City and County of Sacramento, primarily focused along Franklin Boulevard from Broadway to Turnbridge, as well as portions of Fruitridge and 24th Street. 

We focus on providing excellent maintenance and safety services; advocating for business-friendly public policies; enhancing public spaces; and promoting and marketing the area’s culturally diverse businesses, in particular, its Latino and Hmong cultures. 

Today, the Association includes both a Business Improvement Area (BIA) and a Property-Based Business Improvement District (PBID). The BIA consists of approximately 7,000 employees, 600 business owners

Excerpt from Franklin Boulevard Business District website.

Greater Broadway Partnership

The Greater Broadway District offers fun things to do in Sacramento, including events, gallery openings, live music, antique faires and farmers' markets.

The Greater Broadway area has long been a viable, albeit eclectic, commercial corridor. It features a variety of retail and commercial enterprises and is the location of a multitude of ethnic and mainstream restaurants. It hosts one of the largest certified Farmer’s Markets in the Sacramento region and recently became the site of a popular monthly antique fair.

Excerpt from the Greater Broadway District website.

Mack Road Partnership

The Mack Road Partnership is poised to take aim at safety and security issues on the corridor, as well as economic development, marketing, advocacy and beautification projects. 

The business district is comprised of approximately 160 properties, including two emergency hospitals, various residential properties and three community-serving shopping centers.

Excerpt from Mack Road Partnership Website.

Midtown Business Association

The mission of the Midtown Association is to make Midtown the center for culture, creativity and vibrancy in Sacramento’s urban core.

Our vision is to provide artists, businesses, entertainment venues and residents a space to prosper and flourish as a Midtown community.

From the Sutter District to the Handle District, Midtown provides an eclectic mix of boutiques, bars, galleries and restaurants. It's unique charm and spirit always leaves you in a place of discovery!

Excerpt from the Midtown Business Association Facebook Page.

Oak Park Business Association

The Oak Park Property & Business Improvement District (OPPBID) is a benefit assessment district that was approved by property owners and authorized by the Sacramento City Council for a ten-year term in 2016.  

The district supports marketing, special events, maintenance, security services, and general improvement projects in Oak Park to improve property values, increase restaurant and retail sales, and address community and business district needs.

Excerpt from the Oak Park Business Association website.

Power Inn Alliance

Power Inn Alliance creates and strengthens the physical, business and economic conditions of the Power Inn community. This is achieved through a collaborative approach to advocacy, beautification, civic partnership, security, transportation, marketing and communication.

Power Inn Alliance is the property-based business improvement district (PBID), created to “Advocate for business, transportation and community”. The district is located in the southeastern quadrant of the city of Sacramento and is home to over 10,000 businesses.  It serves as the city’s manufacturing core with over 62% of the city’s manufacturing base taking place in the 6.2-mile area*.  It is also home to the future Sacramento Center for Innovation.

Excerpt from Power Inn Alliance website.

The River District Business Association and Improvement District (PBID)

The River District is a private, non-profit business association charged with managing and promoting programs to strengthen the economic and cultural well being of the area.

The 830-acre Property and Business Improvement District (PBID) was established in 1999 by a broad-based coalition of public and private property owners and is bounded roughly by the American River to the north; Sacramento River to the west; Union Pacific rail berm and C/D streets to the south; and 27th Street to the east.

Excerpt from The River District website.

Stockton Boulevard Partnership

Have you noticed Stockton Boulevard is looking a lot better and cleaner lately?

That's because our District Maintenance Crew assigned to pick up litter along the Boulevard is hard at work. You'll recognize our crew by the bright colored safety vests they wear as they go about their clean-up tasks daily.

The Streetscape Improvement Project brought 100 new palm trees, new medians, curbs, gutters and sidewalks on both sides of Stockton all the way from Broadway to 65th Street. 

With the help of Sacramento Regional Transit District, there are new trash receptacles at each bus stop. The Boulevard is looking better and better… less garbage and improved amenities.

The SBP is actively and aggressively working with law enforcement to make this area a safer place to work and shop. 

Excerpt from Stockton Boulevard Partnership Facebook page.

R Street Corridor

The R Street Corridor is a 27-block long, two block wide special planning district within Sacramento’s Central City Community.

Part of the excitement behind R Street’s emergence as a vibrant and distinctive district rests in the area’s unique history as the State’s first railroad and industrial corridor. Many brick buildings, landmarks, and street elements still reflect the former rail based business activity that existed for over century.

Now, instead of warehouses and industrial shops, R Street’s historic structures are now home to some of the best dining, cocktails, entertainment, art and design that Sacramento has to offer.

Excerpt from the R Street Corridor website and Facebook page.

The 80 Watt District

We aim to revitalize our community. While we are busy making the community safe, clean and more aesthetically pleasing, we are also improving business conditions to accomplish the goal for economic impact.

The district is comprised of local property/business owners, government agencies, community groups and neighbors working together to address specific challenges affecting the well-being of the community.

The 80 Watt District includes parcels primarily in the unincorporated areas of Sacramento County; with some located in the City of Sacramento. The district is made up of 186 properties with approximately 114 property owners.

Excerpt from the 80 Watt District website & Facebook page.

The Handle District

The Handle District is a vibrant and eclectic mix of Midtown’s most popular businesses concentrated between 18th/19th/L/Capitol. The Handle District is your one-stop shop for all of your Sacramento needs and features a diverse variety of restaurants, fashion boutiques, gift shops and more!

The HBID includes all restaurants, bars, and breweries, within the boundaries of 18th Street, 19th Street, L Street, and Capitol Avenue in Midtown Sacramento, California. 

Excerpt from the Handle District website and Facebook page.

Fulton Avenue Association

Over 300 businesses are located within the Fulton Avenue Association's boundaries. The list of products and services available is almost endless. Fulton Avenue is home to a number of specialty stores that you won't find anywhere else in Sacramento.

Fulton Avenue is centrally located in the heart of Sacramento County and the heart of the greater Sacramento Region. It is an area that was originally crossed by the Pony Express and has a rich historical significance. In recent times it has served as the premier location for automotive retail and is famous for a wide variety of restaurants and fine dining. At the north end of Fulton Avenue is the championship 36-hole Haggin Oaks Golf Course. In the center of the district, at the northeast corner of Fulton Avenue and Marconi Avenue is the newly renovated Town & County Village. Just west of Fulton Avenue, on Arden Way, is our region's most successful and largest shopping center, Arden Fair Mall. On the south end of Fulton Avenue are several of Sacramento's finest neighborhoods.

Excerpt from the Fulton Avenue Association website.

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