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5 Reasons You Should Add a Donations Request Page to Your Small Business Website

Adding a donations request page will save you time and money while supporting local 

Do you get visited regularly by people looking for donations or other forms of support for their nonprofit or cause? If you run a local business, especially one on Main Street or in a Downtown District the odds are this happens multiple times every week.

If this sounds like you then you need a Donations Request page on your website.

I can hear you saying, “but then I’ll get even more people asking us for donations and we’re already tapped out.”

Au contraire… therein lies the magic of the donations request page approach.

A donations request page should include:

  • Why you care about the community
  • The types of organizations you support and how you support them (money, time, free stuff, etc.)
  • A request form that people can complete IF they fit the types of causes you’ve listed and whether or not you’re currently accepting new requests
  • A simple directory of other causes you support

Both the form and support local directory can be created in your Locable account for free then added to your website.

Stay positive even while you're busy

Timing is tricky and you’re often busy which means that if someone walks in asking for a donation you could be too busy to hear them out, not interested in donating to their cause, you may be interested in talking with them at another time, or you may already be supporting their organization.

A donations request page is the perfect redirect for all these scenarios without saying no.

The beauty of this approach is that when people come into your business to ask for support you can always say,

“Great! We love supporting our community. Go online and check out our Donations page, if you’re a good fit we’d love to hear from you.”

This frees up your time and if they discover their cause isn’t aligned with your priorities then this will have been the nicest “no” they received.

Thus, there are 5 reasons you should use a donations request page

  1. You’re able to always remain positive in person.
  2. Quickly free up your time rather than requiring a lengthy conversation.
  3. If their cause isn’t one you’d support they find out on their own and move on - authenticity and relationships are two ways to set your businesses apart
  4. You get to pat yourself on the back by highlighting causes you care about while simultaneously helping them even more.
  5. You can ask to be supported back by each cause who can also use a directory to highlight all of the businesses that support them - it’s a win-win.

Setting up this new page on your website is surprisingly easy.

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