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Posted Events Now Get Distributed to Local Media Websites (Announcement + Video)

Locable's free events calendar feature for local businesses now publishes events to participating local publisher websites, automatically.

Businesses and nonprofits have used our tools to post their content to their own website, distribute to their Google My Business profile, share via email to their subscribers, and more.

Putting your content in front of more people automatically is at the core of what Locable is working to enable and distributing your events to local media websites is a powerful opportunity to connect with locals and visitors alike.

Use Locable for free to help your local business, nonprofit, civic organization, Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Association, etc reach more people with less work.

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Part of our Marketing 3-4-5™ approach

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Video Transcript

It is an exciting time at Locable.

Locable is a company with actually two products, we have our marketing platform which you're probably familiar with and we have our publisher platform - we actually power about 170 local magazines, newspapers, and online-only sites around the country.

We started with publishers first, in fact.

So we really talk a lot in Marketing 3-4-5™ about the importance of content distribution: content should live on your website but it should be distributed to social media, via emails which you can do with our Express Email Newsletters™ feature, to Local Connections™ - the folks who support your community, and now to your local media companies in markets that we work with.

So you can publish your event directly into Locable and that event can show up on your website using our free embed tools, and it gets distributed to Local Connections™, and it gets distributed to local publishers.

This example here of Full Bloom, it's published and goes out to the local listing and it shows up on Connect Iredell.

This event is included in the calendar, it shows up in search and of course, can be shared by the publisher.

Now once you have this event in your account, you can add it to your website by simply creating a calendar. And if you've already added a calendar to your site, it shows up automatically. There are some configuration options that you can choose how you set this up by default but once it's created you just copy this code, wherever you paste it on your website your calendar with your events and possibly other's events show up.

So, you post to your Locable account it shows up on your website, if you sync with Google My Business it shows up on Google My business, it goes to your local publisher powered by Locable, it could go out via email through Express Email Newsletters... the point is you do one thing and you get a lot of benefits.

You reach more people and if you ever make a change, it updates everywhere all at once - well, everywhere but email, once that email's sent it's sent but everywhere else it stays in sync.

So, if you don't have a Locable account yet sign up for free. Create your events, add them to your own website, sync Google My Business, support local and together you will #TakeBackLocal 

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