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Transform pages with forms into lead generating magnets with Form Actions & Content Downloads

At Locable, we provide a lot of free resources to our blog, marketing and content plans for local industry, as well as many content downloads.

We recently published a website sitemap template for Main Streets and Downtowns, the idea is to help people save time by following best practices we've observed working with these types of organizations.

Trading downloads for email addresses

"A lead magnet is a marketing term for a free item or service that is given away for the purpose of gathering contact details" - Investopedia

This was our first chance to use our new Form Actions feature that extends our Form Builder feature, adds submissions to our CRM, and provides new subscribers for our Express Email Newsletter, which makes distributing content (like this post) super fast.

Flexible forms for multiple uses

The form engine in every Locable account is fundamental to a lot of marketing activities and Form Actions enables you to customize how you confirm form submissions and a lot more.

Beyond basic confirmations and lead magnets, you can send confirmation emails with any type of PDF such as a vendor release form.

You can encourage submitters to take another action, ask for help, or really any follow-up activity that seems appropriate... in this case, we're suggesting people:

"Create your free Locable account today to access easy-to-use marketing tools.
If you haven't already seen our 4-Part Marketing Main Street Series you can find those recordings here along with our Step-by-Step guide to marketing from scratch for you and your merchants..." - unformatted portion of our submission confirmation email message.

If you're looking to grow your email subscriber list (everyone should prioritize email as a key Marketing 3-4-5™ distribution channel), you want to generate more leads, or just have a more streamlined process for various types of registration then Locable is for you.

Recognizing Customers and Partners in Profile or Spotlight Articles is Fast and Easy

Download these free prompts to simplify content creation

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