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Our Top-10 Most Popular Free Local Marketing Resources

At Locable, we're proud to provide actionable and easy-to-implement local marketing resources for small businesses, nonprofits, Chambers of Commerce, Main Street Associations and more.

Here you'll find a list of some of our most popular free resources:

  1. Local Marketing & Content Plans - these industry-specific plans provide you with a complete set of marketing activities you can do for free to build a solid foundation
  2. Marketing Main Street 4-Part Series - this series is designed for community marketers including Chambers, Tourism, etc to simplify the process of building community and growing engagement
  3. Marketing for Hiring Webinar - Discover 3 free things any business can do to improve hiring, this is a short 21-minute webinar
  4. Locable's Marketing 3-4-5™ approach - based on the program we teach in person and our book, the basic approach is outlined to help you market your business quickly. It's also woven into our software (based on your plan).
  5. A step-by-step guide to building marketing for your small business - This guide builds on our Marketing 3-4-5™ approach and identifies the common activities small businesses should be doing with tips on how to do them correctly
  6. Guide to building a social media presence from scratch - here we try to demystify and debunk some common items you need to get more value from social media
  7. Guide to successfully launching your new website - a website can feel daunting but it should be surprisingly simple, this guide helps the process feel more actionable
  8. Free downloads - here you can find checklists, content prompts, templates and more.
  9. Our Marketing How-to Blog - we're constantly posting new tips, tricks and how-to's to simplify marketing so you can be more impactful with minimal effort
  10. Our Engage Software Plan - This free Locable plan includes our exclusive Local Connections™ cross-promotions tools so you can leverage your relationships and reach more people, it includes our free content tools to help promote events/classes/jobs/blog posts and more, our Instant Contact Page™, CRM and Contact Database, and free Customer Reviews tools - not to mention our Google Business Profile sync and event distribution.

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A Step-By-Step Small Business Marketing Guide & Checklist

This free guide is meant for any small business owner who needs to start or improve their online marketing.

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