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Upcoming Opportunities to Master Community Marketing with Marketing 3-4-5™

We've had the privilege of speaking at dozens of conferences in the past and have visited nearly 100 communities as part of our cross-country tour. Over the next few months, we're excited to return to Iowa and debut at several new events.

Main Street associations, chambers, tourism, and others across the country have successfully implemented Marketing 3-4-5™ for their community marketing. These examples provide real-world evidence of how this approach can transform your marketing efforts.

Our sessions this year will provide practical guidance on our Marketing 3-4-5™ approach for community marketing in general, and effective event marketing in general.

If you're interested in hosting a Marketing 3-4-5™ workshop or full Marketing Day in your community, you can learn more and request a call here.

Step-by-step Process to Implement Marketing 3-4-5™ for Event Marketing

Engaging stakeholders is the first step to ensuring your event is a success. Whether it's attendees, sponsors, or community partners, everyone has a role to play in your event's success.

Reinforce Your Organization’s Value by growing impact and awareness about your events, activities, and mission in general. It's all about showing how your events contribute to strengthening your community.

Fulfill Your Mission Ultimately by successfully promoting your event, you're not only ensuring its success but also driving your organization's mission forward.

Join us at one of these conferences...

We'll be participating in a number of events and speaking at several conferences in the coming months, including the Iowa Main Street Conference in Sioux City, Destination Downtown Conference in Louisiana, the Kansas Tourism and Kansas Main Street Conference in Dodge City, and the Alabama-Mississippi-Tennessee Rural Tourism Conference in Mississippi, among others. 

These are great opportunities to connect with others working to strengthen their communities, meet with vendors, learn best practices, and more.

Or, register for our upcoming webinar...

Whether you're new to community marketing or looking to improve your current efforts, implementing the simple techniques included in Marketing 3-4-5™ can make a big difference.

Join us at the upcoming conferences or participate in our webinar on August 16th, "Quick & Effective Event Promotion, The Marketing 3-4-5™ Way".

You're also invited to check out our recent webinar and how-to on running an effective community calendar, which includes a downloadable guide that we've recently updated.

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