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Collaboration in Action: 5 Communities That Are Transforming Local Engagement and How Yours Can Too

Did you know that communities around the country are collaborating like never before to make local events and business information more accessible to locals and visitors alike?

Main Street is a place and community is about relationships, and with the right digital tools yours can be more connected than ever.

Locable is dedicated to creating Main Street for the 21st Century which is to say make it easier to share resources, boost local businesses, and keep everyone in the loop about local happenings without the busy-work so Main Streets & Downtowns, small to midsized Chambers of Commerce, and local DMOs/Tourism Organizations are freed to invest their time more intentionally.

Below are a few communities that are leading the way thanks to prioritizing collaboration and using our automated community events calendar software, our automated business directory tools, and Express Email Newsletter while some are using our Membership Management Recurring Billing tools and event registration.

Each of the communities below have also participated in our done-for-you-onboarding programs.

GoAugusta Chamber Main Street CVB

We recently profiled how GoAugusta! implemented Locable to save 10-15 hours per week, cut costs, and grow impact. 

Their implementation of our calendar, directory, and Express Email tools has transformed local communication.

Their robust local event calendar, featuring 1000-2000 upcoming activities from partners like the library and theater to businesses, serves as a central hub for community engagements, demonstrating the dynamic potential of integrated digital tools.

Statesville, NC: The Model of a Connected Community

Statesville, NC, showcases what it truly means to be a connected community.

Thanks to the trailblazing work of our partner Spokeology, Locable powers collaboration between Downtown Statesville, Statesville Chamber, and Discover Statesville along with hundreds of businesses and nonprofits - even their city got in on the action.

Statesville may well be the most connected community in the country and now collaboration is mostly on autopilot.

Athens, TN: Fostering County-Wide Collaboration

Athens, TN, has embraced Locable's tools with open arms, with Athens Main Street recently launching and Visit Athens Tourism already making a mark.

Community Partners such as the McMinn County Living Heritage Museum along with a neighboring community chamber, exemplify the expanding reach of collaborative efforts that are set to enhance the whole county's cooperative endeavors.

Monticello, IA: Demonstrating the Impact of Connectivity

Monticello's use of Locable’s marketing tools through both the Monticello Area Chamber & Monticello Main Street has led to impressive outcomes.

We recently shared how the Market at the Tap unlocked a significant online engagement boost and traffic from Google that was impossible through their prior Facebook-only strategy.

Additionally, Monticello Parks & Rec's recent involvement underscores the community’s drive towards comprehensive local collaboration and support.

Grayson, KY: Broadening Collaborative Horizons

Grayson has uniquely leveraged Locable by not only involving their Chamber of Commerce but also encouraging the neighboring Olive Hill Chamber to participate.

The day Olive Hill Chamber went live there were community events in their calendar and robust business listings such as Olive Hill Center for the Arts which was already robust as they had created a free Locable account when invited by the Grayson Chamber enabling useful information to appear many places without added effort..

The upcoming involvement of Grayson Main Street and tourism partners promises to further enhance their collaborative network and broaden their community impact.

Will your community be next?

These communities are prime examples of how embracing innovative tools and a collaborative spirit can lead to significant improvements in local engagement and accessibility.

So, who do you want to use Locable's tools to collaborate with in your community?

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