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Need Help Managing and Running Google Ads for your Local Business?

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Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is best but paid SEM (Search Engine Marketing) can be added to give you more control and insights

Cost Per Click

Only pay for clicks, not impressions. Try different variations to learn what message people respond to best

Targeted Ads

Target ads based on keywords (including your competitors names) and location of the person doing the searching

Turn Ads On or Off

Run ads seasonally, change to reflect current sales or promotions and much more
Getting started with Google Ads is as easy as 1-2-3

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We'll craft ads and landing pages based on your business, offerings, and promotions

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Local Search Engine Marketing Basics

Google is the behemoth it is because their paid ads are often as useful as the organic results (unpaid) - in fact, it's easy to miss the "Ad" label, see the accompanying image.

3 Ways Google Determines if Your Ad Will Show on a Results Page

Your Bid Price - What you are willing to pay for a click does affect where and if your ad appears but it is not the only criteria... a bad ad with a high click price will never be clicked and thus Google won't make money.

Your Ad Itself - Is your ad relevant to the search and is it high quality? A good ad with a lower bid price will appear above an ad with a higher bid price. Keep in mind, as Google gathers data about your ads they keep track of clicks - this is useful for you and helps them assess your ad's "quality".

The Experience AFTER The Click - Google wants users to be happy and find what they're looking for. If someone clicks on your ad, or your organic result for that matter, then promptly returns and tries another link that's NOT a good sign. A landing page that is directly related to your ad in terms of content, keywords and the offer itself is the best option.

Landing Pages Increase Return on Investment

Any ad that you place online - Google, Facebook, Banner Ads etc - should link to a corresponding landing page.

A landing page is simply a webpage with a specific message and purpose - you might call it a goal.
Landing pages with ads may be where the customer downloads a coupon, learns more about the offer, or takes the next step to hire you.

Landing pages are important to ensure customers who click on an ad quickly and easily find the related information so that they can begin working with you. 

Linking ads to your homepage or generic pages often leave customers confused and frustrated. As a result, a successful ad will fail to convert into revenue for you and your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a commitment?
A. Yes, there is a 3-month minimum commitment with Locable

Q. Will I have access to my Ads and Reports?
A. Yes. You'll actually create your Google Adwords account and add your billing information then grant us access to manage it so you'll always be in control of your account.

Q. I already have a good website, can I still work with Locable?
A. Yes. Locable will build your landing pages on our platform and can link to your primary site as well. This is a common practice.

Q. What else should I know?
A. Your Locable account will include all of our other local marketing tools including our Content tools to create Marketing Messages (blogging), Collect and Promote Customer Reviews, and Tap Into Your Local Connections. Ad Management also pairs nicely with our Content Concierge service.
* $199 setup fee includes the creation of 2 custom landing pages and two advertisements. $100/mo fee for ad budgets up to $500/mo, we recommend a monthly ad budget of at least $250. For ad budgets above $500 the fee is 18%. Does not include the cost of the actual Google ads which is paid directly to Google via your account. Basic ad updates and reports are included. Each new ad, it's variation and landing page creation incurs a one-time $125 fee - packages for clients with ad budgets over $500/mo include 1 free ad and corresponding landing page per quarter at no additional fee.