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Collaborative Local Marketing Program in Placerville, CA

With Placerville Downtown Association, City of Placerville, local businesses and nonprofits
How we got here...

In Spring of 2018, we began working with the Placerville Downtown Association (PDA) - they're the merchant association that serves Placerville's Main Street (see Wiki page).

The Goal: to improve their ability to promote Main Street activities and merchants. We also launched a new website for them.

We've since begun working with businesses located on Main Street, the City of Placerville, and affiliated local organizations throughout the area in El Dorado County using our free Local Connections and related marketing tools* for these primary benefits:

  1. Enable PDA to promote merchants automatically to reach more people with automatic distribution of upcoming events, offers/coupons, job opportunities, business information in the directory and more
  2. Enable the merchants and organizations to promote each other and the PDA events on their existing websites thus Supporting the community - automatically
  3. Provide free Locable Marketing Tools to enable each of the merchants and organizations to promote themselves online 
  4. To tap into their Local Connections™ to drive exposure, reach and referrals through other local organizations in the region
*A number of local businesses have also chosen to utilize some of our paid services such as our affordable website options.
Do you run a business or nonprofit in or around Placerville, CA?

Great! Then you can participate!!!

Getting Started

  • Take 3-minutes to register: ensure your information is correct and start using the free tools.
  • Be sure to confirm your email address and bookmark your dashboard in your browser so you can quickly return at any time. 

We recommend the following 5 activities after registering:

  • Add businesses and nonprofits you support and endorse to a Add a Directory and Community Calendar then add them to your website (it's easy like embedding a YouTube video)
  • Add 5 customers/email addresses to start collecting more customer reviews
  • Create an Instant Contact Page or form to update your websites contact page
  • Post events, offers and other content. They’ll be distributed to your "follower’s" websites and you can add them to your website via embeds or our web builder (websites and content micro-sites are paid features)
  • Explore Marketing Missions to find simple activities to grow your business

We’re here to help you improve your marketing to grow your business and support the community - and

Ready to join the fun with your business or nonprofit?

Join Businesses & Nonprofits In and Around Placerville - It's Free

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this program limited to businesses and nonprofits located on Main Street or within the city limits of Placerville?

A. No. You do not have to be within Placerville to participate. You'll want to connect with the Placerville Downtown Association or other participating organizations to learn more about the sorts of organizations they'll promote and any other criteria that they may have.

Q. Is there a fee to participate?

A. Participation in the program is entirely free. We also offer affordable marketing services and upgraded marketing tools for those interested in getting even more out of their marketing.

Q. Can individual real estate professional, hair stylists, or others who are part of a larger organization participate?

A. Absolutely. Your company or office should create an account but the individual professionals are also welcome to participate.
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