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Unlock Effective Local Marketing for Every Stage of Your Journey

All packages simplify marketing thanks to our Marketing 3-4-5™ approach

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Build Plan


Annual Prepay Option Saves ~17%

Build your marketing foundation.

Expanded tools & features to streamline your marketing activities as you create and distribute content, convert visitors into customers, and customers into referrals. 

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Coordinate Plan


Annual Prepay Option Saves ~17%

Wrangle, coordinate, and support your community.

Programs specifically designed for local Main Streets, Chambers and other community organizations or local leaders.

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Locable Engage

Best for cross-promoting with your Local Connections™ and includes introductory marketing features.


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Locable Website Plans

Upgrade to a Locable-Powered website for even more local marketing benefits and design refresh every 2-years.

Starting at $375

Included in All Free & Low-Cost Plans:

  •  Discover, activate, assign and track Marketing Missions™
  •  Quickly create and distribute marketing content which includes Business Blogging with simple content tools
  •  Collect and promote customer reviews
  •  Build and track web forms including featuring our Instant Contact Page™
  •  Local Connections™, Contact Database & CRM
  •  Local Embeds to automate cross-promotion with local businesses and nonprofits on your website

* Add Content, Customer Reviews, Forms, and Support Local Embeds with our quick-embeds to add functionality to your existing website.

Engage Plan Free Forever

Marketing feels daunting for most local businesses and organizations, the Engage Plan is crafted so that you can highlight what makes you unique and leverage your real-world relationships with other businesses.

  • Post and distribute content: events & classes, offers, job & volunteer opportunities, & blogs
  • Automated cross-promotion with local businesses and nonprofits
  • Collect and promote customer reviews
  • Sync with Google Business Profile
  • Sell products & gift cards online
  • Add our Instant Contact Page™ form for customer submissions
  • View full Comparison Chart below for more details

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Build Plan$29.99/mo

The Build Plan is focused on core marketing activities you can do in 15-minutes or less: content creation and distribution. With the Build Plan marketing will be simplified so you can quickly create content that reaches people on social media, via email newsletters, and helps you rank on Google.

  • Express Email Newsletters™
  • Expanded Guided Blogging™ & custom posts
  • Manage & track Calls-to-Action throughout your website
  • Advanced web-forms and event registrations
  • Unlimited monthly customer review requests and review segmentation
  • Menu Builder - 5 Menu's & Unlimited Items
  • Event feed import to distribute events from your existing calendar
  • Priority support
  • View full Comparison Chart below for more details

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Prepay the year for $299.88 and save $59.98

Coordinate Plan$129.99/mo

Every community has local connectors, businesses, and nonprofits that tie the community together. The Coordinate Plan is designed to help these local leaders tap into the power of their Local Connections™.

Includes everything in the Build Plan plus:

  • Advanced Community Calendar moderation and automation
  • Expanded Business Directory with plan tiers, granular display controls, and sponsorship capabilities
  • Mercantile™ shared-space online marketplace
  • Membership and Donor Management (coming soon) 
  • Premium Support
  • View full Comparison Chart below for more details

With this plan, we proudly serve the Main Streets, Downtowns and Chambers Commerce, as well as other membership associations.

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Prepay the year for $1,299.90 and save $259.98
Locable Plan Comparison Guide

See how each of our local marketing software plans stack up.

Engage PlanBuild PlanGrow Plan (Coming Soon)Coordinate Plan
Local Connections™UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Local Networks2 Networks2 Networks5 NetworksUnlimited
Business Blogging & ContentQuick Posts, Offers, Jobs Openings, Volunteer OpportunitiesAdds Guided Blogging & Custom PostsSame as Build

Same as Build 

EventsUnlimited EventsAdds Event RegistrationAdds Paid Registration ("ticketing")Same as Grow
Event Feed Imports*N/A113
Landing PagesLocable Listing Page3***Unlimited***Unlimited***
FormsInstant Contact Page w/ CRM integrationAdvanced Form Field Options, Event RegistrationContent Gating / Content Downloads, Paid Registrations & PurchasesSame as Grow
Feedback & Customer Reviews5 Requests per monthUnlimited RequestsUnlimited RequestsUnlimited Requests
Call-To-Action Builder (CTAs)1 Zone, 3 CTAs

Unlimited Zones & CTAs

Unlimited Zones & CTAs

Unlimited Zones & CTAs
Menu BuilderN/A5 Menus & Unlimited ItemsUnlimited Menus & Unlimited ItemsSame as Grow
ContactsUp to 500UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Express Email Newsletters™**Subscribe ToolsSubscribe + 5,000 sends / moSubscribe + 12,000 sends / moSubscribe + 50,000 sends/mo
Google My BusinessSync Name, Address, Phone Number + EventsAdds Sync Hours + Content Updates (coming soon)Same as BuildSame as Build
Website EmbedsSupport Local Embeds (directories, calendars, blog feeds, job & volunteer opportunities, reviews)Adds Shopping Cart and MenusSame as BuildAdds Advanced Calendar Moderation, Premium Directory, & Mercantile™
EcommerceSell Gift Cards & Up to 5 ProductsUnlimited ProductsSame as BuildSame as Build
Mercantile™Participate & SellSame as EngageSame as EngageHost Unlimited Marketplaces

*Import and sync events from an existing website calendar for distribution through Locable's distribution network as well as inclusion in Express Email Newsletters. Some restrictions apply.

**Additional sends billed separately

***Requires a Locable-powered microsite or website

Tools for where you are and where you want to be

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Looking for more help? We can assist with the following...

Local Optimized Website & Landing Pages

Without a good local website, everything else suffers. If yours needs an overhaul we can help starting at $375.

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Website Assist

Locable’s website platform is designed to be self-service however Website Assist is great if you like the idea of having us manage your website for you.

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Content Concierge

We Create Well-Written, Search and Social Media Optimized Content About Your Business and Business-Interests for your Blog.

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Marketing 3-4-5™ Quick Course

Become effective and efficient: use Local Marketing & SEO secrets to work smarter not harder

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Listing Management

We can help maintain your business location data across online directories so people can find you where they're looking.

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Google Ads Management

Need Help Managing and Running Google Ads for your Local Business?

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Custom Marketing Plans & Audit

Want to identify places you're wasting time and money or have specifics areas where you want to quickly improve? We can help with that.

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