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Marketing Minutes Episode 3: Comparing Social Media to Email Marketing (Video)

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Here we talk about email marketing (newsletters etc) and social media, the roles they play, how they are different. Plus, we mix in a few key things you need to know for small businesses, nonprofits, and local marketers in general.

In our first Marketing Minutes Episode 1, we looked at the difference between Facebook Profiles and Pages and in Episode 2 we talk about the role and importance of a blog on a small business website.

Email newsletters are often dismissed as an old-school marketing technique but they're still valuable. In fact, in most cases, email subscribers are worth more than dozens of social media followers due in part to reduced reach on Facebook & Instagram.

This is one of the reasons why email is a key channel when it comes to distributing your content online and one of the 5 ways people find you (see Marketing 3-4-5™ for more).

Video Transcript (Summary)

Marketing Minutes with Brian and Shannon

Shannon: I read somewhere that, and I'm gonna read you some statistics because I wrote them down but I did not write the source.

Shannon: The question generally is, "why do I need to email my customers or "spam them" is what many people think of when they do that because I have a Facebook page, I have an Instagram account, I'm on twitter I'm snap chatting, whatever... why do I need to also then email my customers? So that's the first question, I have all those other things why do I need email?

Brian: For most businesses email will always be more valuable. So we've all now heard of "the algorithm" on Facebook and probably the algorithm on Instagram and Twitter as well and the sheer reality is on all of these platforms we scroll through stuff and there's a finite amount of stuff we can scroll through. But yet with our friends and family and the businesses we follow, they're pushing us stuff as a three years ago and actually 2015 there were five times more things being shoved at us than we were consuming.

So, by sheer volume they have to trim what you see so what that means is that most of the stuff destined for you you never even get a chance to scroll past.

However, email, if I subscribe to our email newsletter, then you send me something and it shows up. It gets there. I might not open it - that's a separate issue - but it gets there. I have the choice to make and so for that one reason alone there's tremendous value.

The next thing is Facebook and Instagram and all these platforms, you're renting an audience.

You may have a thousand fans but the average post reaches two percent which is like twenty people. So that's subject to change. Facebook could decide, hey you know what you no longer allowed to have a page here, that's done. 

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