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Marketing 3-4-5™ Content Distribution: The Local Marketing Optimized Way to Post & Promote Content

(Excerpt from upcoming Marketing 3-4-5™ book and expands on our 2018 article)

When it comes to creating and distributing content, it's important to note that doing it right is nearly as easy as doing it wrong. This starts with where you post your content and how you distribute it.

Simply put, when you post to Facebook you get only one benefit but when you post to your own website you benefit in multiple ways without extra effort.

Creating a repeatable process to create content that informs customers and grows your business is a key component of Marketing 3-4-5™.

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Work Smarter By Leveraging Each Piece of Content Across Multiple Distribution Channels

There's nothing wrong with posting to Facebook or sharing via email newsletters. In fact, both of these channels are very important - they represent 2 of the 5 ways people find you.

The key is that all content of consequence should live on your website directly... on your blog, on your calendar, on your job board, in your coupon board.

A simple test: if you think to yourself, “I’d like to rank on Google for this content and phrases or ideas included in it” then it should live on your website.

To be clear, your blog lives on your website.

Content should live on your website so you can share it to Facebook or send in email newsletters as a preview. Then, when people click on your content wherever they see it they go back to your website.

Marketing 3-4-5™ Content Distribution Flow-Chart

  • Marketing Content Lives on Your Website
  • Content is Shared to Social Media
  • Provides the Meat of Your Email Newsletters
  • Drives Local Cross-Promotion & Collaborative Marketing
  • Google observes your content and how people engage with it to determine how you rank.

See, the way that it should work is that you post your content (to your website). And then you share it to Facebook and you reach everyone on Facebook that you would otherwise reach.

When they click on your content they're now taken to your website which you control and you can have other messages and it can be about you without all the distractions of Facebook.

Easily Incorporating Content into Email Newsletters

You can do the same thing with email. Not only can they click on the email, which gives you viable insights about who is engaging with which content, but maybe they go to your website and then they decide to share it to social media.

So now an email subscriber is sending your message out to Facebook and if you do it just right when people on Facebook, that they share with go back to your website, you can get them to opt-in your email newsletter.

Local Connections™ Distributes Your Content Automatically to Your Local Network

Now I'll do you one better and that's if you're using our free Local Connections™ Technology that same content you post on your website goes to all of the places I mentioned as well as to your network of local sites near you.

This same content can be distributed locally to your Local Connections™ - the businesses you endorse and nonprofits you support including your local Main Street organization, Chamber of Commerce, etc. - to appear on their website, community calendar, directory and more.

Friends, business owners that you like, people that endorse and support you, they can add you to their calendar automatically. Or rather you can post your events and they appear on their calendars automatically, or to go to their directory or to go to their job board.

Content Improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google is Big Brother and sees just about everything that happens on and around your website as well as the content you create and the people who engage within reading and sharing it. 

“There's nothing to optimize for with BERT [Google’s 2019 update to better understand natural language], nor anything for anyone to be rethinking. The fundamentals of us seeking to reward great content remain unchanged.” - Danny Sullivan, Google’s Public Search Liaison

Google and Bing love content and, as a result, business blog content provides businesses with a natural SEO boost. Plus, search engines like to see that content is engaging so whenever your content is shared to social media (even by you) it can further reinforce your position.

You probably want to rank on Google for all of the content you create. If it lives on your site, visitors and Google both see it and it’s easy to discover other related content.

With our new Google My Business integration, content posted in Locable such as events can be pushed to your account and centrally managed.

Same Effort - More Marketing Benefits

And now, with this approach, if you were already taking time to post content you're getting four or five times the value but you're really just taking an extra 20 seconds.

It's the best way to take what you're already doing and get significantly more value.

Note: with our new Google My Business integration, content like events can be pushed and managed directly from Locable.

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