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Software that Turns 15 Minutes Into Effective Local Marketing

A Local Marketing Platform that empowers Small to Mid-Sized Community Orgs to simplify marketing and automate Cross-Promotion - featuring our self-updating community calendar

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Locable is proud to support the community organizations that work tirelessly to elevate and amplify their community and businesses they serve

Main Streets & Downtowns

Main Street's are the symbolic and often literal heart of their community.

Learn how Locable supports community efforts and main street businesses.

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Chambers of Commerce

Chambers of Commerce provide much-needed connection between businesses.

Learn how Locable increases member value and automates relationships to grow impact.

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Tourism and DMOs

Engaging locals is hard, engaging visitors is harder.

Learn how Locable helps tell stories community and elevate businesses.

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#TakeBackLocal by supporting local businesses and community partners automatically, see how these 5 small to mid-sized communities are collaborating and transforming for the better.
Trusted by Community Marketing Organizations and Small Businesses across the US

Locable Empowers You To Be More IMPACTFUL By Leveraging The Relationships You Already Have In Your Community

Local Businesses & Non-Profits

Tools to help you promote your business and tap into your local connections with streamlined distribution and automated cross-promotion to drive more exposure without any additional effort.

Main Streets & Downtowns, Small to Mid-Sized Chambers of Commerce, Destination Marketers & Local Publishers

Tools to manage your relationships, streamline communications, collect dues, and promote your community in order to build greater community awareness and engagement.

Local marketing can really suck and the world is getting more fragmented

Communities fail with poor marketing and engagement

Marketing and communications have gotten increasingly fragmented, confusing, and time-consuming.

As a result, communities struggle, it's difficult for locals and visitors to engage, and businesses flounder or fail.

Most local marketing doesn't happen or is done poorly because:

  • You don't know where to start
  • You don't want to have to figure it out on your own
  • You don't have much time
  • Your community calendar sucks or sucks the life out of you
  • You're not super creative or a great writer
  • You don't want to manage a bunch of different tools
  • You're not sure how to navigate the changing marketing / social / Google landscape
There's a solution for communities and small businesses that brings sanity in addition to results

Effective Marketing Empowers Communities

Imagine a solution built for local marketing that can be done quickly using a proven approach that you can use to strengthen your community, reach your goals, and highlight why people should work with you.

Locable and our Marketing 3-4-5™ approach equips you to:

At a time when nearly every tech company, startup and big business is working against local, against communities... We're equipping community organizations, businesses and nonprofits to #TakeBackLocal.
Take advantage of Locable's tools to simplify marketing & collaboration: add them to your existing website, or get a new one powered by Locable - the choice is yours. 

Self-Updating Community Calendar

Stop the chaotic cat-herding and get a community calendar on your website that just works.

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Express Email Newsletters

Go beyond drag & drop: experience a faster, streamlined approach to email newsletters.

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Small to Mid-Sized Membership Management

Hassle-free membership management with automated billing - simplicity without the unnecessary extras.

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Fee Free Event Registration

Automate your event promotion, distribution, and registration for increased engagement, without extra fees.

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Software based of Marketing 3-4-5™

A proven approach to effective local marketing for small businesses, nonprofits, communities, destination marketers, and more.

"The overall approach to marketing was refreshing and reassuring. I like that I can apply it to my work as a Main Street Org, while also using the same tools to advise small businesses who are looking for some help." - Main Street Now 2021 Attendee Feedback

Thousands have learned Marketing 3-4-5™ through workshops and webinars, now it's available in Paperback and Kindle versions.

Implement a Marketing 3-4-5™ approach with your Locable account

[Photo] Thanks to the Spokeology team for hosting Marketing Day in Statesville featuring a Marketing 3-4-5™ workshop and bootcamp.
Effective and Affordable Local Website Solutions

With Locable you can: create a new website or improve your existing site; rank higher on Google and get more out of social media; increase your impact while significantly reducing your workload; be in control - not on your own

A website can be added to any of our paid software plans.

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Do You Publish a Local Magazine, Newspaper, or Online-Only Portal?

Publishers play a unique role in the local ecosystem. See how you can tap into that with our Community Content Engine, a full content management system (CMS) that is integrated into the Locable Platform.

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Growth can be achieved by local businesses and communities when you implement effective marketing

Do You Provide Local Marketing Services?

Locable is happy to work with Local Marketing Service Providers including SEOs, social media marketers, local agencies and more. Schedule a demo to see how our tools can be used to turn your services into the epicenter of a community-wide program and power services you can provide including affordable-yet-profitable website services.

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