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Build a Rewarding Career With Locable

Locable offers a flexible working environment that is highly rewarding with competitive pay for high performers.

Open Positions


We’re seeking a Marketing Associate with 1-2 years of experience who will be responsible for referral/lead generation, social media, email campaigns, and media relations for both of Locable’s core product lines as well as a handful of customers where Locable acts as an agency.

The ideal candidate should be very personable online and off, comfortable working with our team members and customers alike and possess awesome written and verbal communication skills. Organization and a can-do attitude to manage multiple projects and deliverables is a must.

LEARN MORE & APPLY Locable is in the process of relocating our Headquarters to Fayetteville, TN. If you'd like to be considered for a future position please contact us.

Careers at Locable

Locable is a web platform that simplifies local marketing and enables cross-promotion and collaboration…we’re the only option that combines simple-to-use marketing tools with the ability to cross-promote. 

We support local communities, businesses, nonprofits, publishers, civic organizations and the people who call ‘here’ home, wherever here is.

At a time when nearly every tech company, startup, and big box store is working against local, Locable provides software and training to help local businesses leverage their two unfair advantages: their authenticity and relationships… put another way, we’re creating Main Street for the 21st Century™ and helping them #TakeBackLocal.

Having been created in 2009 as ab MBA research project, Locable is committed to making sure local businesses survive and thrive in the constantly changing media landscape.

To fit in here, you have to embrace the cliche of doing well by doing good.

Here are a list of qualities we seek in our team members. Think you might be a great fit? If most of these describe you then we definitely want to talk!

  • Ownership Mindset: Be problem solvers and strive to work more effectively and efficiently. Be entrepreneurial by nature, risk-taking yet thoughtful

  • Team player: Pick up the slack, support one another, jump in and do what it takes for the team and customers

  • Adaptable: Switch gears when it’s in the best interest of the team or project. Don’t be afraid of change. Wear many hats and be willing to change hats as needed

  • Honest: Hey, don’t be a liar or cover things up! If there’s a problem, let’s deal with it

  • Integrity: Take responsibility and be accountable even when no one is looking

  • Open-minded: Be willing to take responsibility for their actions and accept feedback. Look at solutions from other angles and be willing to listen.

  • Curious: Intuitive, natural learner, willing to try new things, ask questions

  • Hard-working: Don’t be afraid to jump in. Dig deep and do the right thing

  • Polite: Say please and thank you! Be kind

  • Positive & Optimistic: Approach tasks head-on in an uplifting, energetic way (no Debbie Downers!)

  • Friendly & Outgoing: Welcoming, social, willing to share and collaborate, be open, supportive, engage with team and customers (No bullies!)

  • Collaborative: Work together effectively, share ideas, support each other in our efforts, partner and look for solutions

  • Compassionate: Care about teammates, our clients, and their business, be empathetic and understanding

  • Fun: Balance serious work with an appreciation of emojis, funny t-shirts and memes, and coffee (or Red Bull) 

  • Analytical: Interested in how things work, willing to look at and apply the data

  • Hustle: Embody a “can-do” spirit

  • Resilient: Fighter, ability to bounce back and excel, roll with the punches, fail forward

  • Flexible: Able to do yoga...bend, stretch your thinking, adapt. 

  • Have Grit: Don’t give up easily. Don’t be a quitter

  • Humble: No egos. Put the team first  

  • Courageous: Face your fears, be brave  

We’re always looking to work with smart, passionate people in our efforts to build Main Street for the 21st Century.

Past Openings

These position has been filled however please feel free to apply to be considered for future opportunities.

Account Executive & Sales Enablement Manager

Customer Success Manager

Quality Assurance Intern