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Destination Marketing Software & Tourism Solutions for Small-to-Midsized DMOs

Boost your destination marketing with our all-in-one technology and unique approach

Tools & techniques that leverage community partners and elevate local businesses.

  • Self-Updating Community Calendar Technology
  • Dynamic Business Directories with robust and content-rich listings
  • Express Email Newsletter™ technology & Guided Blogging™
  • Event Promotion & registration features with built-in distribution
  • Streamlined CRM to centralize contacts and communication

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Welcome to Destination Marketing Simplified

Are you struggling to emulate larger DMOs that have nothing to do with your community? Are you stuck on the social media treadmill? Or, are struggling to find an approach to leverage your assets without getting burned out with busy work?

An all-in-one solution and a unique approach

Locable's software and proprietary Marketing 3-4-5™ approach can be transformative at a price you can afford while saving you and your team at least team 5 hours per week... Say goodbye to herding cats and hello to becoming a local hero!

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Enhance your website with tools that plug right in - or - upgrade it with our website platform to simplify your marketing, engage locals in your community and drive visits



Paid Annually

or $239.99 billed monthly

Tourism marketing for small communities

Key Features & Benefits

  • Create up to 5 custom business directories for interest-based landing pages
  • Feature up to 5 custom community calendars for your audiences
  • Monetize your website through: tiered directories, up to 5 sponsorship recognition widgets, up to 5 sponsored content feeds, and display ads
  • Data-driven content feeds with content from partners and local businesses
  • 50k monthly Express Email sends
  • Annual account review
  • Participation in Locable mobile app



Paid Annually

or $359.99 billed monthly

Enhanced tourism marketing for small to mid-sized communities

Everything in Coordinate, plus

  • Up to 10 business directories
  • Up to 10 community calendars
  • Up to 10 sponsorship recognition widgets and content feeds
  • Itinerary setup featuring destinations, events, and dynamic content
  • Custom maps and tours
  • Mercantile™ Marketplace to feature local gift cards
  • Quarterly account review
  • 3x Active 8-stop Apptivities™ in Locable (Distrx) Mobile app
  • 1 done-for-you Retheme of Apptivities™ quarterly

Coming Soon



Paid Annually

or $549.99 billed monthly

Maximize your marketing impact for your small to mid-sized community

Everything in Coordinate+, plus

  • Unlimited businesses directories
  • Unlimited calendars
  • Unlimited sponsorship recognition widgets and content feeds
  • Multiple active giveaways and contests
  • 5 Monthly Aptivities™ in Locable mobile app
  • 2 done-for-you Rethemes of Apptivities™ quarterly

Learn about our done-for-you onboarding options to help you get the benefits of Locable's software with minimal effort on your end.

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Help Visitors Explore Like a Local and Discover More of Your Community

Attract more visitors, increase hotel occupancy, drive day trips, and support economic development activities by putting your community's best foot forward - everyday.

Highlight Local Events & Activities

Attract and engage visitors by highlighting events large and small - automatically

Locable transforms your community calendar, business directory with content-rich listings, and more thanks to our Local Connections™ technology that automatically distributes content enabling cross-promotion with minimal effort.

Our self-updating tools are like a digital version of the bulletin board you see at a coffee shop or a flyer in the window of a storefront on Main Street.

When you're not spending hours hunting for events, you're freed to tell local stories and invest in marketing activities you enjoy.

Help Visitors Discover Tours & Trails

Discovering things to do helps simplify planning and drives visits

Whether you're highlighting walking tours, driving tours, scavenger hunts, walking trails, or other experiences the ability to identify points of interest, activities, and recent news or promotions can be the difference between filling a block of hotel rooms and tour buses stopping to spend the day (and their money) or getting passed over.

All of this is search-optimized to engage travelers on Google with mobile app enhancements available.

Create and Share Itineraries and Case Studies

Combine content to present compelling itineraries and case studies for your primary tourism personas, easily repackage your efforts for maximum benefit

Staging a house helps buyers 'see themselves' living there and sample itineraries and case studies do the same for tourists and planners

Our software helps you implement an approach to share real stories from your community without breaking a sweat. The result is that people will find themselves saying, "oh, I get it. I need to be there".

Want Our Community Calendar Playbook & Checklist?

Create a great community calendar with minimal effort and become a hero to all in your community (maybe not that last one).

Marketing 3-4-5™ Approach to Drive Local Tourism

Marketing 3-4-5™ Book Cover and Kindle Image

Promote your community, partners, and businesses to attract more visitors to your community, support economic development activities, and do it all quickly and easily without neglecting your many other responsibilities.

Our whole approach is based on the Marketing 3-4-5™ Framework which is designed to make you effective at marketing through simple activities that help you highlight your community's greatest assets, its history, and more.  Even small teams can be authentically successful without much time or creativity.

Click here to learn about utilizing Marketing 3-4-5™ to start effectively marketing your DMO

Learn how your community can become a Locable community
Get up and running quickly to transform your community and eliminate busywork for good

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